What smile are you, according to your Zodiac Sign?

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Your grin, Aries, is a blend of a genuine and affectionate smile that you deliver while leaning toward the person you're smiling about. 


Taurus, you experience every emotion intensely and find it difficult to conceal them. Your smile reassures your pals that you will be okay, despite your shattered heart.


The flirtatious smile is alluring and mysterious, just like you, Gemini. People are drawn to you and curious about you because of your grin.


Your grin can convey a variety of emotions, including fear, shyness, politeness, reserve, and the concealment of your genuine feelings.


Leos are aware of their own worth, thus their smile is a mixture of self-satisfaction, arrogance, and snobbery. 


This is the smile you offer when you don't want to reveal too much information but also don't want to appear rude.


Fortunately, their smile is completely disarming and enables them to get away with all sorts of misdeeds.


Sometimes an open-mouthed smile can appear forced or unnatural, but for you, it's simply one of the ways you display your excitement for life.


Every new location, person, or task brings a Sagittarius joy. Their zest for life is evident not just in their smile, but also in their eyes.


Capricorn, you wake up and fall asleep with a smile on your face. About your life and career, you feel a sense of tranquility.


You do not care if you laugh aloud to yourself; you value your unique methods of navigating the world.


When your brilliance strikes, you cannot but but feel thrilled. Your contentment with yourself emanates from you, typically beginning with a bright smile.

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