What Your Home Design Style Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The home of Aries should reflect this fierce independence by incorporating vibrant red hues, a fireplace or similar alternative.

Aries: red color palette

Taurus, also known as the zodiac's gardener, favors the color green and is surrounded by wood, plants, and fresh blossoms.

Taurus: cozy oasis

Each room should be decorated with literature tucked away in nooks, eclectic artwork adorning the walls, and multiple splashes of vibrant color.

Gemini:  eclectic artwork 

Cancers require a soothing environment, which will be aided by cozy pillows, soft blankets, and flickering candles. 

Cancer: Vintage furnishings 

Leo: Heat with orange tones

 Blue and other neutral colors should be avoided, as they will diminish Leo's radiance.

Cancers are romantics — when they’re in a relationship, they’re in it for the long haul.

Virgo: Classically elegant interiors

This should be reflected in the interior design of their residences with symmetrical furniture arrangements and a variety of colors and patterns.

Libra: Surround yourself with symmetry

Given that they flourish on dark energy, their living spaces should be comprised of mysterious hues such as blue and black, with a hint of deep red or burgundy. 

Scorpio: Shadowy retreat

Sagittarius: Indoor plant jungle

You can decorate your home to resemble a rustic cabin in the woods or a tropical plant jungle filled with your beloved houseplants.

Therefore, their residences require a traditional design, as opposed to something too daring or contemporary.

Capricorn:  functional pieces

 Since they frequently have their minds in the clouds, they appreciate rooms with a view and ample windows to let in natural light. 

Aquarius: Let your free spirit shine

The style prioritizes warm comfort, cheerful serenity, and well-being, and it can be implemented in any size living space. 

Pisces:  spaces for self-care

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