Who Are The 5 Biggest Spenders Of The Zodiac?

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1- Aries

You like enjoying life to the fullest and your motto is that money is made for spending,

and you even tell yourself that by shopping, you are helping the economy! 


2- Cancer

Cancers are known for their childlike personalities and are capable of sulking when they spot something they like, out of their price range. 

When your piggy bank is empty, you act as though it’s not your fault, you’re not responsible with your money and find it hard to avoid temptation.


3- Leo

Leos need to show off what they have, they need to be the most fashionable and best dressed amongst their friends. 

Leos love shiny things and find it hard to say no when something catches their eye, they feel a constant need to stand out and be noticed.


4- Libra 

Libras would love to be rich and buy themselves everything on their current wish lists.

They have an eye for luxury products, clothes and jewelry. 



Regardless of the price, Libras won’t hesitate when they see something they like, even if their bank account is in the red.

Your bank account is used to taking hits, you are capable of spending your monthly budget in one go.

5- Scorpio 


Scorpios are risk-takers and need to feel as those they are alive,

which explains why they live dangerously with their money.


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