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Why Each Zodiac Feels Behind In Life Right Now


Aries, you are going through a difficult time right now. A number of obstacles in your life make you feel insignificant, helpless, and entirely out of control. 


Your life appears to be in disarray, Taurus, and you cannot seem to get a grasp on the situation because things are piling up.


Gemini, you are presently feeling the burden of all the potential lives you could live while you are present. 


You may feel as if you are adrift, traveling from social circle to social circle without truly believing you belong in any of them. 


You are on the verge of something new, Leo. You may have just started a new job, embarked on a voyage of self-discovery, or are entering a new phase of your life.


Everything that can go wrong appears to be going wrong, and you are unsure of how to respond to the situations you face. 


There are positive things on the horizon for you, Libra, but you are frustrated that they have not yet reached you. 


You feel behind because it appears that everyone around you is managing their finances more effectively than you are. 


Despite your typically lively, amusing, and rambunctious nature, Sagittarius, you have not been feeling like yourself recently. 


You are in a period of transition and rebirth, Capricorn. Perhaps a relationship has recently ended or you are advancing in your career. 


Aquarius, something may have just been revealed to you that you were previously unaware of, most likely a problem that you have been neglecting. 


Pisces, you are stuck on a particular situation because you are looking at it in one way, and not necessarily in the most helpful light.

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