Worst Foods Causing High Blood Sugar

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Foods, trans fats can contribute to insulin resistance, which can cause a blood sugar imbalance.

1. Fried foods

French fries are simply white potatoes that have been deep-fried, and these types of potatoes already have a high glycemic index.

White potatoes may not be the greatest food for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

2. White potatoes

The potato variety also plays a role, with charisma potatoes having a much smaller effect than Desiree or Charlotte potatoes when simmered.

Greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurt both contain more protein than conventional yogurt, which can help regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Fruit-flavored yogurts

This is because, despite being a carbohydrate, your body does not break it down, so it cannot produce a spike in blood sugar levels.

Smoothie bowls are simply smoothies served in bowls with additional garnishes, such as fruit, almonds, and granola.

4. Pre-made smoothie or acai bowls

The most popular smoothie dish is the acai bowl, which is composed of dark purple fruits. 

Cereals may be extremely high in total carbohydrates and deficient in dietary fiber and protein, two nutrients that help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

5. Sugary cereals

You could even add some protein on the side if you choose a cereal with a high carbohydrate content

Unfortunately, if your blood sugar is already sky high, the last thing you should be eating is handfuls of candy.

6. Candy

It should be avoided until your blood sugar has returned to a safe level.

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