Your Perfect Wedding According to Your Zodiac Sign

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You are decisive, so planning a wedding should be relatively simple, which your partner may or may not appreciate.

You respect the institution of marriage as a whole and will want to be able to reflect back and know you did everything right.



There are simply too many options for you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious that you won't choose correctly. 

There are some family members with whom you are feuding and others with whom you are extremely close, which may cause you quite a bit of tension.



Leo, nobody else is quite as extravagant as you are. You will not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding that will make the stars bashful.

Accepting that you won't achieve absolute perfection is also a good notion; there will be at least one minor flaw that you can't fix, so let it go.



People will be awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of your wedding because you have such exquisite taste and a keen eye for aesthetics.

If you had complete control, you would probably have a midnight wedding with everyone wearing black and/or crimson. 



You dislike the sentimentality and monotony of weddings, so even if you don't elope to a foreign country, your wedding will be enjoyable and unique.

Everything will have an understated elegance, and the cuisine, décor, and everything else will likely be of the highest quality. 



You may opt for the conventional route, or you may wind up having the most bizarre and unusual wedding ever. Most likely the latter. 

Your wedding vows will be very lovely, emotional, and meaningful, and you may even do well with a religious ceremony in which "divine" elements permeate every aspect. 


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