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Your Weekly Tarotscope May 1 – 7, 2023


This week, the Universe is providing you with something that can fuel your tank, but if you want to have fun with it, you must actively use it.


You're primarily assessing the viability of your ideas and plans and searching for indications that it's worthwhile to continue with what you've begun.


Unfortunately, the reversal of the Six of Wands indicates that this week's primary challenge will likely be a sense of isolation from friends and coworkers.


Acting as the King of Swords, communicating, and assuming a leadership position are now more within your rights.


The Nine of Cups reversed signifies that you are not feeling fulfilled and intuitively attuned to what draws you to your aspirations. 


The Eight of Cups poses the question of whether or not your current circumstances are genuinely serving you, even if they appear favourable "on paper.


For some, it is also likely that they will seek your assistance as a shoulder to rely on, and your intuitive, emotionally-attuned insights will be exactly what they require.


The Reversed Nine of Swords acknowledges that you have been experiencing overthinking, anxiety, and repeated (harmful) thought patterns and inquiries.


Despite the fact that this doesn't necessarily have to be all about romance, some Sagittarians may benefit from romantic commitments deepening during this time.


This card is also aware that a successful kingdom is not built overnight by a single leader, but requires the cooperation and dedication of everyone. 


They emanate from your internal development and awareness and highlight the fact that you're the one who brought you here.


Reversed, the Two of Wands casts a shadow on new ideas, embarking on new adventures, and expanding your world to its logical conclusion. 

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