Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Makeup Look

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You’re also into beauty products that treat your skin well, so your cabinet is likely filled with makeup-skin care hybrids.

You also go for monthly eyelash fills to ensure your peepers look wide awake with minimal effort.



There’s actually no perfect makeup look for your zodiac sign, Gemini, but that’s because you love all of them. 

Cancers absolutely love a ’90s-style neutral lip. You’ll take a mauve gloss, brown liner, or taupe lipstick any day of the week.



As a Leo, you saw this one coming a mile away, but — you crave full-on glamour.

You’re the queen of slightly over-lining your lips, and you know how to wield a mascara wand for super fanned-out lashes.



Think a ’60s cat eye, Euphoria-esque glitter, or a red lip. If it adds a pop of femininity to your look, even better.

You are all about playing up your smoldering eyes with liner, then going light on the blush, lip, and brows.



You’re bold as can be, Sagittarius, and you like makeup to match. This sign loves a contoured cheek, statement brow, and bright red lip. 

Capricorns are all business with simple black eyeliner and a soft lip color. 



As an Aquarius, you are here for quirky trends. You were the first to bleach your eyebrows, you’re all about the latest TikTok trends.

As an emotional water sign, you want to look like a romance novel come to life with soft makeup, shimmer, and long, accentuated lashes.


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