Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Makeup Look

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You're also interested in beauty products that care for your complexion, so your medicine cabinet probably contains makeup-skin care hybrids. 

Consider lengthening mascara, a sheer pink lip, a subtle highlight, and a blush that melts into the apples of your cheekbones.



There is no ideal makeup appearance for your zodiac sign, Gemini, but that's only because you adore them all. 

Cancers adore '90s-style neutral lips. You prefer mauve gloss, brown liner, and taupe lipstick on any given day of the week.



This includes tons of shimmer, gold tones, a bold lip and eye, or whatever else you believe will attract attention.

You are the mistress of slightly overlining your lips, and you know how to use a mascara wand to achieve super-fanned lashes.



Consider a 1960s cat eye, glitter à la Euphoria, or a scarlet lip. Even better if it lends a touch of femininity to your ensemble.

You are all about enhancing your intense eyes with liner while keeping your blush, lips, and brows light.



This sign enjoys cheek contouring, a bold brow, and a vibrant red lip. 

You prefer a refined appearance, which is why you enjoy facials, expert hair removal, and other beauty treatments at your dermatologist's office.



You were the first to bleach your eyebrows, you're obsessed with the newest TikTok trends, such as Barbiecore cosmetics, and you have no fear of new makeup-related technology. 

As an emotional water sign, you should wear gentle makeup, shimmer, and long, accentuated lashes to resemble a romance novel brought to life.


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