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Zodiac Signs and Thanksgiving Roles


you could start the conversation by asking what everyone brought. However, Aries, you should avoid dominating the conversation,

To appeal to your strengths as a Taurus, you may wish to complement aspects of the environment that bring you joy.



The last thing you want to do is make someone uncomfortable by inquiring about a topic they would rather avoid.

zodiac sign could benefit from their assistance at Thanksgiving. "Be sure to guard your own boundaries," Chung advises Cancers, who have a tendency to be overly generous.



Leos view Thanksgiving as an opportunity to communicate with others. One way they typically do this is by recounting stories. 

The indication for air traffic Libra is the scale, which is also a symbol of justice, so it should come naturally for Libra to perform the role of mediator.



Scorpio is also the ruler of taboo subjects, you must be aware of what people truly want to discuss and what they'd rather not.

 Scorpio and Sagittarius is that less personal vulnerability is required when communicating with a Sagittarius. 



In order to spark conversation at a gathering with loved ones, you could bring up an old memory you all share. 

Thanksgiving is a time of merriment, so be sure to properly bid farewell to your host and other guests before departing.



You have the ability to sense a room and enjoy bringing disparate groups together rather than leaving them scattered.

To impress other zodiac signs during Thanksgiving, Virgos are best suited for the volunteer position. You enjoy being of service to others, Virgo, and some excellent ways 


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