Zodiac Signs Ranked From Luckiest To Unluckiest

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1. Virgo

The greatest thing you could do for yourself and the world is to share some of your good fortune with those less fortunate.

The only way to fail is by relying solely on good luck and ignoring the steps necessary to improve your life.

2. Scorpio

3. Leo

You were conceived in the atmosphere. You were endowed with excellent looks, brimming with confidence.

You are also fortunate in that you are more attractive than the rest of your family members and your coworkers. 

4. Taurus

5. Aries

Long streaks of poor luck are followed by long streaks of good luck in your life. 

The wind moves in both directions for you. You are incredibly fortunate in love, but exceedingly unlucky in areas such as finances.

6. Pisces

7. Cancer

Certain events, such as the demise of a loved one, the bankruptcy of your employer, or a particularly harsh winter, are beyond your control. 

The fact that you are paranoid does not always imply that you have no reason to be; life has dealt you a lot of curveballs.

8. Sagittarius

9. Libra

It constantly rains on your spectacle. It seems as though months can pass without ever seeing the sun.

If you roll over and get a few more hours of slumber, your life will be brighter when you awaken. 

10. Capricorn

Your good fortune in the face of all misfortune is that you were born with an obstinate spirit. 

11. Aquarius

You just can't catch a break! It seems as though you were born under a terrible omen, a dark cloud, or an unbreakable curse. 

12. Gemini

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