Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most to Least Romantic

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1. Pisces

You have extremely high ambitions for a partnership in which your love feels like a dream.

2. Leo

You love passionately. You are the type of person that prefers to broadcast your partner's love to the world.

3. Libra

You choose to scatter rose petals for your lover because you want them to feel especially special while they are in your presence. 

4. Scorpio

In actuality, you crave for a romantic partner who can comprehend your highly passionate and sensitive behavior. 

5. Cancer

A large romantic gesture may not be necessary for you, but if your partner expresses a desire to be treated romantically, you will likely comply.

6. Taurus

To be in a serious, committed relationship, you and your partner must develop an emotional connection.

7. Aries

You are quite impulsive, spontaneous, and wild in love! And that requires going the additional mile for your significant other. 

8. Virgo

You appreciate romantic gestures such as receiving your favorite snacks or a surprise ticket to a renowned art gallery. 

9. Capricorn

You are a quite corny zodiac sign due to the fact that despite your packed schedules and plans, you tend to make time for your lover. 

You're a somewhat self-centered individual, despite your occasional interest in romantic material.

10. Sagittarius

11. Gemini

You are much too free-spirited to be committed to a single person, therefore romantic gestures are definitely a waste of time for you.

12. Aquarius

You are a more emotional person who is undeniably committed to "the one" but is not necessarily a typical romantic.

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