Zodiac-Specific Comfort Food

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Aries – Spicy Chili

Aries, you are passionate and appreciate anything spicy; as your ruler, Mars rules anything that has to do with spice. So therefore, your comfort food is spicy chili.

So when you need to indulge in some comfort food, you will enjoy some mac and cheese, and you may add some extra cheese to make it much more comforting. 

Taurus – Mac, And Cheese

Gemini – Wings And Fries

Therefore, you can hang out with your friends and enjoy wings and fries to share with them as you chat about stimulating topics.

There is nothing better than you baking homemade chocolate chunk cookies that provide that fresh aroma of baked cookies that permeates the kitchen. 

Cancer – Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Leo – Chocolate Cake

There is nothing more extravagant when it comes to comfort food other than a slice of chocolate cake. 

You would likely eat whole-grain chips as you take your health seriously, and salsa is low in calories while it is packed with flavor.

Virgo – Chips And Salsa

Libra – Pizza

Libra, you need peace, balance, and comfort, and your comfort food is pizza, especially if it is homemade, so you can add your artistic side to it. 

Those fortunate enough to earn your trust will see that being the case. Therefore, the best comfort food for you is the burrito.

Scorpio – Burritos

Sagittarius – Pho

Therefore, pho would be your comfort food. You have ramen noodles in a meat broth along with pieces of pork belly, chopped soft-boiled eggs, and vegetables.

You want to build your lasagna and bake it because you want to eat the masterpiece that you made and be proud of it. Not to mention, it is comforting to you.

Capricorn – Lasagna

Aquarius – Chicken And Waffles

Therefore, your comfort food stands out as it is one where you will enjoy eating some sweet, salty, and greasy goodness in one sitting.

Your comfort food would have to do with the sea, and gumbo would be it. It is a southern soup consisting of shellfish, meat, and vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, and celery.

Pisces – Gumbo

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